Howdy, great and interesting Tumblr!  I’ve made one to contribute, PLEASE add it to represent the many who feel in-between the 99% and the 1%.  Thanks!

JFC these white doods.

What a lazy, mooching emeffer, right?

Just Go Galt already.

I wasn’t going to reblog any of these, but look at this fucking asshole and his HOORAY I AM SO GREAT I AM HEALTHY AND MADE MYSELF THAT WAY shit

fuck you bro

some people imagine this are sick and there’s nothing that getting rid of bad habits would do. And as such they can’t write some masturbatory sign about how awesome they are because they mind over matter, bootstrapped their way into health.

There are plenty of people in this world who are really goddamned fucking healthy in their habits and that doesn’t mean a goddamned thing. I was healthy as all fucking hell, and yet I still ended up with rheumatoid fucking arthritis because there was nothing I could fucking do to prevent it.

I genuinely fucking hate people who act like all it takes is willpower and you can be healthy.

You might not be either the 99% or the 1%, but you are a terrible fucking excuse of a person. Go brag to your fucking livejournal and get the fuck out of here.

reblogged because lqfb is killing it #getfuckedseriouslyop

I would kill for my parents to have had a life somewhat reminiscent of what this guy wrote. But they didn’t get that opportunity. One of my moms has back problems that spawned from degenerative disc disease (How the FUCK does one avoid THAT) and draws Disability. The only way she was able to get that was by the kindness of a family friend with a legal education. She’s been drawing disability since I was 16. I’m 23 now.

The other worked hard to provide for my family while I was too young to do so and hurt herself working assembly line because they were the only place that would take her on, and their worker’s comp. was a crock of shit waiting to be boiled over and force-fed. her disability claim was overturned by the only judge in the state with a +75% denial judgement, and she’s having to get by on second rate medical care because neither one of them can get any form of health insurance for the family as they’re not married. She’s currently waiting for the appeal to go through, but she lost basically all of the backpay that they held from the date of injury up until the past year. She’s been waiting on this for 3 years.

Neither of my parents graduated college, and they are barely able to make most of their bills. I can’t support them because my job pays minimum wage (which hasn’t increased since 2007, I believe.), and I’m barely able to support myself and my other half while I attempt to finish my degree and begin to work off almost 50k in student debt.

Long story short: Fuck your gray-area self-righteous imaginary-number-percentage ass. Some of us get dealt a shitty hand and have to make something out of it. My family has been a part of the 99% for as long as I can remember. We’ve made do, but we’ve suffered our asses off. I don’t even care what happens to myself. I want this to end so that my parents can have some semblance of stability and security. That’s why I’m standing. That’s why I’m fighting.

I am the 99%, and I am not alone.

….I feel a bit better now.

People who want what others have make excuses and find blame. This guy made it on his own but rather than applaud him people want to call him condescending and resent him for taking control of his life. It’s a funny world.

He shows no humility to those who are suffering. He posted something that shows how well he’s doing admist the myriad of posts from troubled people. He could have done it very differently. Why should I applaud his his status in life when he is showing it off so arrogantly? 

But you’re right. I suppose we should be congratulating him for his accomplishments. He’s the perfect image of the self-made man. Not everyone gets to make the choices he made, but good for him that he did. Now let’s see what he does with it. Let’s see if he takes his accomplishments and does something with them that can better the world.

It only takes one.

Maybe you’re right. I hope so.